Granny Square #4: Flower Power


After several failed attempts at a spiral bobble granny square, I settled on this flower pattern that I found here on a great page that offers several free granny square patterns.  This pattern uses two rounds of petals, made with a series of bobbles and chains to create this cool, 3D effect.

In the first round, I crocheted the bobbles the only way I knew how (*yarn over, insert hook, draw up loops, pull through first two loops on hook* x 4).  The original pattern instructed to make each petal using a different take on the bobble (5 dc in same stitch, drop last loop, insert hook in 3rd chain at the beginning of the 5 dc, pick up dropped loop, yarn over and pull through two loops).  This sounded like way more effort than the simpler bobble stitch I’ve done a thousand times so I decided to try my way first.

I’m not totally sure what the difference is between these two ways of creating a bobble but I would be super appreciative if someone could fill me in!  I was so paranoid the whole time I was doing my bobble version that I ended up unraveling the first half of my work to start over with the other bobble.  Ugh, I’m such a rule follower.. but I think it paid off, because look how pretty it turned out!

Here’s one more thing to watch out for.  In the entire first round of yellow petals and half of the pink petal round, I was inserting the hook into the first dc of the bobble instead of what I should have been doing, which is inserting the hook into the 3rd chain before the first dc in each petal.  You can’t really tell, but if you look closely, you can see that some of the pink petals have a bit of a sharper end point than the others, giving it a cleaner look.



  • G/4.25mm hook
  • 2-3 colors of yarn (I used Super Saver Pale Yellow, Super Saver Raspberry and a blue and purple multicolor I Love This Yarn that I had a few yards of scrap yarn left)

Stitches Used:

  • Chain (ch)
  • Slip stitch (sl st)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Treble/Triple crochet (tc)

Need a refresher on the stitches used? Check out the Stitch Tutorials.

You can find the original pattern here if that’s easier for you to follow along with.

Start by chaining 4 and use a slip stitch in the chain farthest from your hook (closest to the slip stitch tail) to make a circle.

Round 1

Ch 1, 7 sc in circle you created then slip stitch in the ch 1 to join the round.

Round 2

Ch 3, *5 dc in same sc, drop last loop from hook, insert hook from front to back through the 3rd chain before your 5 dcs and also pick up your dropped loop, yarn over and pull through both loops, ch 3* Repeat this petal pattern in each sc for a total of 8 petals.  Sl st in 3rd chain to join the round.

Round 3 (change color by fastening off first color and tying on second color, if desired)

Ch 3, crochet two petals in each ch 3 space.  Make sure to ch 3 between each flower petal.  This should give you a total of 16 petals.  Sl st in 3rd chain to join the round.  Fasten off.

Round 4 (tie on background color and pull up a loop with a slip stitch)

*3 dc in each of the first three chain 3 spaces, [3 tc, ch 2, 3 tc] in the next ch 3 space (this creates your corner)* Repeat this pattern 3 more times to build a square around your circular petals.  End with a sl st in the 3rd chain to join the round.  Fasten off.

I really enjoyed making this granny square and will probably use it to make a larger project.  It’s really simple to get the hang of and looks beyond rad.


One thought on “Granny Square #4: Flower Power

  1. I also attempted the spiral bobble square with no luck. It was just so fiddly I gave up, but I have been meaning to go back to it now that I am a bit more proficient. I don’t know if this is right, but to me the bobble that you drop the last loop and then gather the stitches together with the first and last loops seems puffier than the one where you leave all the stiches on the hook and pull through all loops at the end. Love your flower!

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